Minimalist Bi-fold Card Wallet #2

Another rough looking card wallet.


Hello everyone,

Few days ago, I showed you my version of minimalist bi-fold card wallet. Since it has mostly a good feedback, I decided to make another one right away. Here’s the second one I made.

The material is the same, veg-tanned leather. I also used a similar technique to make that worn out, almost wooden look – Professional Feibing’s oil dye, acrylic finish, sandpaper and beeswax.


This time, I went with yellow thread for stitching. It’s the same waxed 1mm polyester thread as on previous wallet, but the color is different.


I also changed pocket shapes a bit. This time I chose round edges and curves.


I’ve managed to put 8 cards + cash into this wallet, but I’m pretty sure it can hold 10 cards with ease.

Take a look at the edges, it took a lot of effort to make them this round and smooth.


And a little close up to my logo.


If you’d like to buy this wallet, you can do it here.

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