Minimalist Bi-fold Card Wallet

A rough leather look experiment.


I’ve deciced to try making a bi-fold card wallet and so I thought it would be a good idea to go with a bit of a new look. I’ve always wanted to make the leather look like it’s worn out. Yesterday, I gave it a try.

I’ve combined multiple colors like Saddle Tan, Spanish Brown, Dark Brown and Red with layers of acrylic finish on the leather. I’ve scratched the surface using sandpaper between each layer of leather dye and finish.


Once I was satisfied with the look, I sanded down the surface up to 1000 grit and applied Leather Supershene to make it as shiny as possible.


The next step was to glue and sew everything together, so I glued it up and burnished the edges.



I chose a red thread to compliment the scratched surface. After I stitched it, I tested the pockets using few of my cards. The thing was, I couldn’t take them out easily, so I realized, I needed to cut some of the leather out to make it easier to use. I cut out V shapes on both side, now it’s a lot easier to pull the cards out.


So, here it is. Complete product.


I like it a lot, so this one is going to stick with me. If you’d like to buy this product, you can order it¬†here.




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